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Each month I take this month's issue from last year and I go thru it and see who all advertised and if I need to contact anyone about their ad for this year. It is also fun to read my article from a year ago to see what was going on in my life back then. This month as I read it I thought it perfect timing for what is going on in the world. From Donald Trump for president to rodeo scandals this article puts them all into perspective. I owe it to my readers to have a new article each month, but I thought this one fit the time. Here it is from August 2014:

I've never been accused of holding in my feelings. If I don't like something you will probably have a pretty good idea of what it is I don't like. I'm actually pretty shy when it comes to meeting people and striking up a conversation, but give me 30 seconds with someone I know and there is a good chance my foot might just go into my mouth before the conversation is over. I've actually been working on it over the past few years. I have pretty much been trying to live by the old saying "if you don't have anything good to say . . . well you know how it ends."

There was a story on the internet the other day about something that got me to thinking. Lately it seems that the world has gotten so divided that if you are not for something you must be against it and we all know that is not always the case. There are plenty of things I'm not for, but that doesn't make me against them. I'm not for ribbon roping at the end of a youth rodeo. That doesn't make me against it. It could be worse. I could have a daughter in the goat tying or my son could be roping in the team roping. I would say I was for having all of the roping at the beginning of the rodeo. Run it all at one time and let me go home. It's not my fault you had a daughter - oops, there goes the foot!

It seems like there is always some kind of scandal going on these days. Like I've said before, I'm neither Republican or Democrat. I'm for the little man, I'm for making my own money and getting to keep it, I'm for America and I'm for being able to make my own decisions about my future. That does not mean I'm against the President, the Senate, the Congress, the IRS or the Appriasal District. I'm not for many of those things, but I'm not against them. They all have their place in our life and society. I hate paying taxes, but I also enjoy having protection from evil in the world when I sleep at night and I like being able to drive my truck 60+ miles per hour on a nice road when I go places.

Someone said this or someone said that! Who cares!

Everyone says stuff behind closed doors when the microphone is off. Every president has been caught saying stuff he wasn't supposed to be saying. Every kid has been caught saying stuff the teacher wasn't supposed to hear. It's called life - it's not perfect but it is what we make it. I really think these news people have nothing else to do each day than try to make a scandal out of anything that comes around. A mountain out of a mole hill!!! I think we also all have that one friend that we know that does the same thing with stuff they blow out of proportion. Nothing can be normal with them. They live for the drama. Without drama they can't be fixing something. They don't realize that most of the time they are the one that broke it to start with.

My new favorite quote to live by is one that came across Facebook and Instagram last week. "When you feel yourself getting caught up in someone else's drama just remember it's not your circus and not your monkies!" Now that is something you can live by in today's society. That and maybe turn off the phone, Facebook, and the news.

Not my circus and not my monkies!!!!! Kind of reminds me of when we were little and someone would start saying something and you could just put your hands over your ears and start humming. It didn't stop the problem or whatever it was that was going on but at least you didn't have to be a part of it and you let them know you didn't want to know anything about their problems.

Life is hard enough without having to deal with all of the drama in the world. Don't make me be for or against something, just let me be! I'm doing a pretty good job of putting my own foot in my mouth every now and then, I don't need you helping me. Take your monkey and go back to your own circus.

Timeless advise, yes sir that is what that was. Timeless advise.

Better with age,

Big Al



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