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You hear it over and over at every rodeo you go to - Rodeo is one big family! No doubt we've got a few crazy uncles that embarrass us from time to time and we definitely have that cranky aunt that is never happy regardless what the outcome. We also have lot's of good ol' grandma's, so sweet and kind along with many grandpa's that would do anything for their grand kids.

Yes, rodeo is one big happy family. You can pick your friends and you can pick your boogers but you can't pick your family!!! We are all in this deal together - whether we like it not. We might have a few divorces and a few cheating husbands but we are all one big happy family as they say.

Our family lost a good one this past month. John Rae Powell passed away May 15th. I never met Mr. Powell in person but his reputation preceded him everywhere he went. He was a mainstay at the senior pro rodeos for many years and was an inspiration to all who watched him compete. I have heard many a person say, "I hope I'm still on a horse at 90 years old just like John Rae Powell." He came from a time when you just did what you had to do. You didn't whine and you didn't complain. You just put your shoulders into it and did it. From serving in the military in WWII to running a ranch during a drought to roping calves and steers he just put his shoulders into it and did it for the love of it. I read an article on him a few years back in the Livestock Weekly and was amazed at what he had done. The fact that he lived to 90 years old made it even more impressive. No doubt he will be missed by both family and friends for years to come.

Our rodeo family also lost another good hand way too early this past month. Reese Burger from Hempstead, Texas passed away this past month unexpectedly, way too young to leave his family and friends.

To say Reese loved to rope would be like saying he liked breathing. He never thought about breathing and he never thought about roping - he just did them both. Very few of us that rope can ever hope to be remembered as a cowboy. Reese was a cowboy. It didn't matter the event, if he could do it with a rope you could always count on him to say, "I'm in!" Ropings around our area will be a little less lively without him. I'm pretty sure I've spent just about every 4th of July in Brenham at their roping for the past I don't know how many years. It didn't matter where I was, if he saw me it was always, "Big Al, What's Up!" Another one that will be missed by his family and friends for many many years. Even though he didn't live as long as John Rae Powell he lived just as much in his fun filled life.

Yes, we have a very large Rodeo Family that we all belong to. It might be a team roping family, a youth rodeo family, a pro rodeo family, a barrel racing family or a band of brothers riding bulls each weekend. They are all families and they all care for each other and look out for each other.

The summer is just starting to wind up. The high school and youth associations will soon be having their finals and the 4th of July will be upon us before you know it. While you're sitting there listening to the National Anthem with the sweat running down your back, stop to give thanks for the extended family you are a part of. Stop to give thanks for all of the memories of those families' members no longer with us that you shared the same National Anthem with many a time. Stop to give thanks for the immediate family you have and the memories you are making at that very moment.

Rodeo can get hectic at times but at the same time there is no better time to stop and think about those that have come before us and those that are with us right now both in person and memory. If you don't have time to stop for four or five minutes and listen to the words of the National Anthem and listen to the words of the prayer and listen to your thoughts as the prayer is said then you just might be in the wrong family.


Big Al



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