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A lot has gone on this year in the rodeo world that has people taking sides and choosing names for teams. Team ERA. Team PRCA. Team Contestants. Team Associations. Team Sponsors. I speak from a little somewhere in the middle each time I wade off into this subject.

My phone rings all of the time with ideas that the caller thinks will make things better for rodeo in one way or another. Sometimes they are way off and sometimes they are dead on. Kind of like the stock contractor I talked to that didn’t need PETA for an enemy he had his own association’s directors. Right now in rodeo we don’t need outside enemies because we are doing a pretty good job of hating each other pretty good.

Most associations are made up of contestants both timed event and rough stock (which also don’t get along all of the time), stock contractors, personnel and sometimes committeemen. That is a lot of ego in one room come meeting time and not to mention a lot of differing personal agendas for each group. I think it is about time to put the egos and personal agendas out with the trash and make some decisions based on the betterment of rodeo for the future.

I have friends on many boards and associations. Many of my advertisers are either contestants, contractors or committees. When I say I am not trying to make any one group mad I mean it in the bottom of my pocket. I have to tip toe very lightly on these subjects. The only reason I bring things up in this column is for the future of rodeo because I derive 100% of my income from rodeo and rodeo related products.

If you have a personal agenda, then you are probably not looking out for the best interest of your association. An association is made up of all kinds of people, and they each bring their own talents to the table.

I read every magazine I can get my hands on if it relates to my business. One of my favorite magazines is the Quarter Horse News. They cover mostly cutting and reining. This past month there was an article about the loss of a major equine event. I am quoting from an article in the magazine, “We are all here because we care about our sport. We need to be open and honest about the challenges we are facing as a sport, but more than that we need to be proactive and brave enough to consider changes that will address these challenges. Change or be changed. So it is absolutely not about change for the sake of change, and by no means is there any desire to lose or replace the values and traditions of our sport. But we need to be open minded to look at changes that can improve our sport and its legacy for the generations to come. What should be changed and how is why we are here today.

That statement had nothing to do with rodeo but go back and read it again and I bet you can find meaning in it for your next meeting. The last sentence is the one that hit me - What should be changed and how is why we are here today!

Change or be changed!!!! I keep thinking about the saying you hear all of the time that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” We have been to a lot of rodeos this year and I’m pretty sure I have seen first hand the definition of Insanity week after week. How many times have you heard someone say “it is not going to change itself or it is not going to fix itself.” That is the most true statement in the world. “It will not fix/change itself.” Stran Smith wrote one time that you have to DECIDE to DECIDE to change. It sounds goofy but try it.

Looking for change,

Big Al



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