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January, 2020


January, 2020

I have always been a Texas history fan. I’ve read just about any book I could put my hands on about the subject. Texas history can be anything from El Paso to Orange and from indians to oil wells. One facet of Texas history that always comes up is the story of the Texas Rangers. Not the baseball team but the real Rangers. They were the first law in Texas as a state. They were bigger than life and make a large target in history.

One of the quotes that you’ll see associated with the Texas Rangers is the following: No man in the wrong can stand up to a man in the right that keeps a comin’.

It’s fitting that as I sat down to write this article I had just read Pastor Randy Weaver’s article on the facing page. I had also just been on Instagram a bit earlier and saw more than one post about changing your life for the better. The post said, “you’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.”

Another Instagram quote I saw today was this one: “the secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

That dang Instagram is just one big inspirational machine. Something good can actually come from social media after all.

This all leads up to Pastor Randy’s article about “hope.” Hope is a powerful tool to have. I have said before that where there is no hope there is nothing. Young kids in the inner cities have nothing to hope for, therefore they get into gangs and worse. Give them hope and you can turn a life around fast.

I read an article a few years back where Clay O’Brien Cooper said the first thing you have to do each day is get up out of bed. There has to be something to make you get out of bed. You have to have hope for the future.

As we start 2020 I can’t think of anything better than “hope” to think about in the new year. To quote Pastor Randy, “All things are possible with God but we must cooperate with Him by being hopeful and full of faith.”

When you’re making your new year’s resolutions in the next few weeks keep “hope” in mind. Not the “I hope I get rich one day” but the “hope” of making a difference in your or some other person’s everyday life for a better future.

No man in the wrong can stop a man in the right that keeps a comin’. If you keep hoping there is nothing you can’t do. Pastor Randy says hope is a foundation.

Get up out of bed, get to work and keep a comin’ with the hope that you’re making a difference in the world today and tomorrow. Hard work and hope is a great place to start your year off.

That’s enough preaching from me. Go read Pastor Randy’s article, it’s just right here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hoping for a
brighter future,

Big Al



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