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May 2020


May 2020

This quarantine has got to stop. I can live without rodeos, sitting down at a restaurant and drinking in bars but I’ll be danged if I can take another weekend with rain and Netflix.

My wife has always had an obession with shows like 48 Hours and Dateline. Give her an unsolved murder in the middle of Kansas and she is glued to the tv all night. But let me want to sit down and watch Jack Ryan on Amazon and she just isn’t having any of it. I’ve never been one to watch tv just too much. If it’s raingin outside and nasty I have been known to sit around and watch some tv. Well, we’ve had three straight weekends of rain and nasty weather during this quarantine. The only thing that has saved me is the fact that we can go to town and she can get her margaritas to go now. Thank goodness for Greg Abbot and his margaritas to go order.
We have never had the same in taste in tv except for Friends, The Big Bang and Young Sheldon. Other than those, she doesn’t like mine and I don’t like hers. We can agree to disagree on that.

Do you think we’ll ever be able to have rodeos again? I hope so. I make almost 100% of my income from rodeo and rodeo related events. We haven’t had many of those lately to my bank account’s dislike.

It will come back. I think we’ll be having jackpots pretty soon. I’ve already heard of a few happening this past weekend and I’m hearing of a few coming up in the next week. I think rodeos will have a little harder time coming back. For one thing most rodeos are at public facilities and most cities and counties aren’t going to be real quick to allow these events. If they do allow the events how are they going to pay for them? Keep in mind that probably over 50% of our rodeo sponsors are small businesses that have been closed for the past 4-6 weeks. They can barely afford to pay their employees most less sponsor an event. If you know these sponsors from one of your local rodeos, give them a visit and buy something. They need our help now like they’ve helped us for all these years.

Praying and hoping,

Big Al



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