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I've probably had more "foot a la mode" than I would wish on anyone I know yet somehow I always seem to learn from the experience each time. That can not be said for some people I know. For those of you that are lost, that means I've put my foot in my mouth more than once or for you really learning impaired, that means I've said things that as soon as I said them I wish I could have taken them back. Understood????
It seems that for some people sticking your foot in your mouth is actually an Olympic sport that they strive to improve upon each day as soon as they wake up. Facebook has a way helping these people out in their quest to be the best at their chosen sport. I've pretty much taken a sabatical from Facebook the past month. Each time I got on there was nothing but negative comments or people talking about something they have no knowledge of, yet they are willing to give someone advise on the subject anyway. I've become an Instagramer now. Instagram has almost none of the commenting that Facebook has. Pictures, pictures and more pictures. I'm more of a visual person anyway. The pictures catch my attention faster and I don't like reading the comments anymore. Just show me your pictures and let me look at them without having to read anything. Much better!

Later in this paper you will read an article from Stran Smith about his advise for young people and social media. He makes a great point about posting things that will come back to haunt you later in life. He said he has had the desire more than once to rant, but he says cooler heads prevailed and he was able to hold in his feelings and not put them out there for everyone to see.

This is very true. Just as some people have to blow into a tube before their truck will crank, so should most smartphones. If you had to blow into your phone before you could post something on social media I'm pretty sure most hangovers would be less painful the next day. Like Stran says, once you hit submit it is out there forever for everyone to see. Everyone might mean your future father in law, you future wife/husband or even your kids one day or maybe even the worst of all things - your mom. Remember what I've said before, if you can't tell your mom about it then you probably shouldn't be doing it.
I understand that some people have no life beyond social media. They have been waiting their entire life for Facebook, Twitter and the others to come around. They were the ones that never figured out that nobody cares about their rants, just that now it is easier to browse over their post than it was to have to listen to them in person. My wife calls Facebook her little "People Magazine" for regular people. I used to get mad at People Magazine when I read it because of all of the stupid things celebrities did. Now I have to see all of the stupid things that regular people do.

Social media has its place. Prayers For Dane Lancaster let us all peek inside one family's journey back from heartache to jubilation. To watch Dane's journey was the bright spot of each day's Facebook stroll. The day is coming when he will fire from the box again and when his loop lands squarely around the calves neck that post will complete a journey that many have prayed for months to see. Dane's journey made us all think about our own journey through life and for a moment each day we were all better people from having read his mom's entry that day.

If you want to get the word out, social media is your place to get it done. Just make sure the message your putting out is something you can handle days, months or years later. I can tell alot about a person just from looking at their post on social media. What they like, what they comment on, what they post, what they share. If I can tell alot from those post, just multiply that by a million and that will be the reach of your postings. Post wisely!

Big Al



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