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October 2020


July 2020

The rodeo world got word last week that rodeos were now legal. The governor said you can have a rodeo or equine event, but there was one big catch. You could only have 25% capacity with your spectators. In short that means you can have your event but we are limiting your income to 25% of what it has been in years prior.

How are you supposed to pay for a rodeo with 25% attendance. Imagine you spend a few thousand on advertising, another few thousand on a good act. You hired the best announcer and stock contractor and they weren’t cheap. Nothing has changed in your event from last year as far as production goes. You still have the same production costs but now you know up front that you are only going to be able to receive 25% of your normal income. 25-50% clear profit is pretty good for a rodeo over operating expenses. Now you are only going to have 25% income. It doesn’t take a degree in economics to know this isn’t going to pay off.
Oh well, you’ve got sponsors that pay for everything. Yes we do, but those sponsors also expect something from their sponsorship. They sponsor our event because they know we have a large crowd that is going to see their sponsorship and support them on their next purchase. This is called visibility. Now this visibility is cut by 75%. They aren’t getting much bang for their buck are they?

Not to mention, most of the sponsors that every rodeo gets have more than likely had a 75% reduction in their income the past three months making them not as likely to be able to afford to sponsor your event.
There is a lot that goes into a rodeo before they ever even unload the stock on Wednesday and the majority of that stuff costs money and lots of it. I have heard more than one contestant say that they can’t understand why these rodeos are canceling even though the governor says it is ok to have the rodeo. The answer is this: if they have the rodeo they will lose money. They will lose money that will make them be at a deficit for next year’s rodeo before they even start planning next year’s rodeo.

Stop and think about this before you get mad for your favorite rodeo “wimping” out. Keep in mind that these events provide much needed money to the local community and for them not to have the event is going to affect the local community more than your rodeo schedule.

We need to all support the rodeos that do have an event. Don’t gripe at the gate when they ask you to pay to get in and make sure you spend money at the concession stand and make sure to buy fuel or eat in town before you leave. These communities depend on this money each year to get by. Appreciate what they are doing for their community and for rodeo in general.

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at the concession stand,

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