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Every great rodeo newspaper editor is just waiting for the day they can put their kid on the front page. Well, in case you didn't notice, that is my kid on the front page.

Unlike the 1,000's of other kids out there that would love their picture on the front page of the Cowboy Sports News, my son fought me tooth and nail to keep it off. He said people would think I just put it on there because I wanted to. He was right!!! I think he has been in the paper once before about 3 years ago when he started roping. I have threatened to put him on the cover before but he has always won the fight to keep his face out of the spotlight.

Good pictures are hard to come by and great pictures are even harder to come by. If you ever ask Mack Bradford to send your picture in so you can be on the front page, you'll know he has no control over who gets on the front page. I've had great pictures that I couldn't use because there was someone sitting on the fence with a t-shirt that had some bad saying on it. I've had to chunk pictures of great bull rides with a guy standing there with a hot shot. I've got better sense that to put that on the cover.

I try to use pictures from an event that advertises with us. The Grimes County Fair has advertised with us for at least the past 10 years if not longer. The action in the photo must be good enough to know this was something cover worthy. I'm pretty sure the action in this photo is perfect. Slack to the inside, hand on the horn, the horse buried up in the ground and calf leaping in the air. The last thing is daytime shots are always better becuase they look so dang good on the cover. I'm pretty sure you can tell this shot was a daytime shot.

So, the photo meets all of the above criteria I told him. Therefore the only thing that was left was to come up with a caption. He wanted it simple but I don't do simple so as you can read over to the right I didn't go overboard with the caption. I told him before the paper came out that I had captioned it "Fred Whitfield watching Carson Jeffrey spit one out!" He was pretty sure I wasn't going to put that on there.

I also had a backup photo picked in case he just threw a temper tantrum. Cooper Raley who appears elsewhere in this issue had the reserve championship for the July cover. Cooper is a great kid, but he's not mine so I just couldn't let him beat out my own kid for the cover.

This also brings up another point that has been made to me before. One that I am partial to calf ropers. Not really, calf ropers just get better pictures!!!!!!! Just kidding. I guess you could say I'm a little biased towards the timed events even though I still think there is nothing better than a really good rough stock picture. The cover of this paper has more than once showcased the talent of plenty of roughies and the stock they spur for the camera. To be honest with you Cooper almost lost his reserve cover championship to Ethan Crouch on the paint horse that is also shown elsewhere in this issue. My son was pushing for either of them. I think he would have rather seen a picture of a mutton buster than his on the cover.

When my son got the picture in the mail he just couldn't believe the photo. He said he had been waiting for that perfect photo for years. His version of perfect was all of the above that I mentioned plus his Bex sunglasses and a nice looking hat. You'll have to understand that we just went and bought him that hat a few weeks before the rodeo. His last hat was about 3 years old and had been pulled down over his ears more than once.

So for all of you prospective cover models this is what you need: picture from an event that advertises with the CSN, great action, daytime perf or 9am slack, world champion in the background, cool glasses and a pretty hat (box tops count in the bullriding). Oh yeah, tell that kid in the wife beater to get off the back of the box before you nod your head.

Proud pappa,

Big Al



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