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Fear & Anger. That seems to be all you hear these days on any type of media outlet. Facebook, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN are all full of Fear & Anger.

To make my point all I had to do was open my web browser. My home page is Yahoo.com. I find them to be the most inclusive of all sides. They have stories from all angles, not just one side like some websites have. One of the stories on it 5 minutes ago as I was getting ready to write this story was how the “media exaggerates negative news.” It just made my case.

Last night while watching a business show the person being interviewed was talking about how Facebook has become a place for Fear & Anger. He went on to say that Fear & Anger have gotten so ingrained into our politics that is all we hear daily.

I don’t really consider myself a media outlet. I think of this magazine as a place for information and entertainment. I have no agenda to spread or push on my readers like the large national media conglomerates. I’m for cheaper diesel, higher oil, lower fees, higher payouts, better stock and lower stock charge. That is about as much of an agenda I’m going to push on you.

I’ve said it before here that things have gotten so polarized that it is impossible for someone to be in the middle anymore. You have to be far left or far right. I honestly don’t think most of America is like that. I know a lot of people that are like that, but I know 100 more that are very “middle.” I’m one of those half donkey, half elephant types. I’ve got the big belly of one of those old time rodeo producers, but I have the white legs of a roper. I sit behind the roping box while I watch the rough stock buck.

Are you catching my drift here??? I’m trying to imply that being in the middle is not so bad. You can have your cake and eat it to. You might not get as much of the cake but you can have some if you compromise.

I used to think I could live with $85 oil. Back then diesel was in the high $2 range. When it came down below $50 diesel got cheaper. Now that oil is at $60, diesel is at $2.80. I’m not sure I can go for $85 oil now. I remember when we used to rope calves at rodeos for $30 fees with $5 stock charge. Now the fees are $100 and the stock charge is $20.

Everyone knows I listen to the radio and music is a big part of my life. I am by no means a fan of Luke Bryan. I don’t own a pair of skinny jeans. I do have a tight t-shirt but only because all of my Frio River shirts are tight on my belly. Anyway, back to Luke. His new song “Most People Are Good” has some really good words and a great message.

I believe kids oughta stay kids as long as they can
Turn off the screen, go climb a tree, get dirt on their hands
I believe we gotta forgive and make amends
‘Cause nobody gets a second chance to make new old friends
I believe in working hard for what you’ve got
Even if it don’t add up to a hell of a lot

I believe most people are good
And most mamas oughta qualify for sainthood
I believe most Friday nights look better under neon or stadium lights
I believe you love who you love
Ain’t nothing you should ever be ashamed of
I believe this world ain’t half as bad as it looks
I believe most people are good

I believe them streets of gold are worth the work
But I’d still wanna go even if they were paved in dirt
I believe that youth is spent well on the young
‘Cause wisdom in your teens would be a lot less fun
I believe if you just go by the nightly news
Your faith in all mankind would be the first thing you lose

I believe most people are good
That pretty much sums up my message for this month.

I believe most people
are good,

Big Al


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