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Big Al's View Of The World


I was Facebook stalking someone's pictures the other day in my off time when I came across this little saying: "If you don't live a little wild when you're young you won't have anything to smile about when you're old!"
This one kind of hit home for me. My wife calls me a "stick in the mud" for a good reason, "sometimes I am!" I was always the kid with the job that had his own money to do things and buy things. My sister told my wife one time that I was never a kid, I was always grown up.

Obviously she wasn't there the day I wanted to parachute from the rope swing so I tied myself to the swing with a ten foot rope and jumped out into thin air. Yep, I couldn't breath for a few minutes after I hit the ground. I don't guess she was there the night we shot the rocket firecracker off and it went straight into my bedroom window or the morning we got up at daylight and went downtown in front of the courthouse to shoot off my homebuilt model rocket car on main street because that was the straightest stretch of blacktop in the county.

As I said earlier I always wanted to work for what I wanted. One summer I worked for my dad in his shoe and saddle repair shop and at the end of the summer he went and bought me a brand new state of the art ATARI video game console. Another summer I baled hay for my grandpa and at the end of the summer he took me to KB Toys and bought me enough model train stuff to fill up my parents attic. When I got a little older I worked my summer break and bought new tires and rims for a jeep we had sitting around the house. Now if those aren't things a kid would buy I don't know what is. If you would have seen us drive that jeep around in the woods you would know I have plenty to smile about when I get older.

As I got older and left home to go to college - well you can say I've got plenty to smile about when I get older. I tell everyone it was the best 7 years of my life. Some of those memories still have a smile on my face. I don't need to wait until I get old to smile!
How about the rodeo world in the past few months. Las Vegas and the PRCA came to terms and the future of the NFR looks very bright and to say the money will end up in the cowboys pockets is an understatement. The word is the rounds and the average will pay enough to make a man's year finish in the black. I have said for years when you get to Vegas they should hand you a check that is yours to keep, not an advance but a check you can cash and go put on Red 12 if you want to. It looks like they finally took my advice and each contestant is supposed to start getting that check next year.

The American! The hype was all for a reason. Richmond Champion left Dallas with 1.1 million reasons that rodeo is changing for the best. Before the American I'm pretty sure Calgary was the only place you could go win $100,000 on a single run and they don't have team roping. Kaleb Driggers and Patrick Smith might just be the first team ropers in history to rope for that much money on one steer. To say the American will change rodeo for years to come is a definate.

The Brazilians are in the house. Jake Barnes isn't hauling Jr around for no reason, that kid can heel. Marcus Costa wasn't hiding out at Stran Smith's house if he wasn't earning his keep. I was fortunate enough to get to watch him rope the next weekend in Giddings up close. He's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Paul David Tierney and Clay Smith proved that there is a new bunch of kids in town and they are ready to take over the Timed Event Championship. 22 year old Clay broke the barrier on his last steer to win the whole thing.

I can't remember the songs name, just the words, "the future looks so bright I've got to wear shades.

Putting on my shades,

Big Al


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