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March 2019 • Cowboy Sports News Rodeo Magazine

Big Al's View Of The World


   They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I pulled the same thing on my wife when we started dating. On our first date I was so scared I couldn’t even eat my meal so on our second date I decided I would cook for her. I made the salad full blown fancy. I had the cucumbers and the tomatoes all circled around the edge. It was almost too pretty to eat. It must have worked. She still has me around after 26 years.
I’m thinking the same thing could be said for rodeo contestants. The fastest way to their heart is through their draw. Give them a good draw and you’ve got them hooked. Give them a bad draw and well you might be going back on Tinder looking for a date.

It still surprises me that people have not figured this out. It’s not that hard. Good stock equals a great time for all. Just like serving a man chicken fried steak on your first date. Give him chicken McNuggets and you too could be looking for another dance partner this weekend.
It’s not just the good stock that is needed. It’s the fact that you have to use the good stock correctly. We just got back from a rodeo that had really good calves. Probably better than what we see at most rodeos. Despite the fact that the calves were good they decided to pen them up on the left side of the arena. Not a return alley, but by horse. Guess which way a lot of those nice calves decided to run when it was time to compete? It didn’t take a rocket science degree to figure that out did it?

I was at a rodeo one summer where this happened. By the end of the rodeo you couldn’t get a calf to run down the arena if you’d had a sack of feed. The next year I mentioned this to the guy doing the rodeo. We ended up taking the back off of the calf box and running the calves through a small opening in the chute. It was a little bit of trouble to do this each time but we never had a single calf duck back to the left. It’s not rocket science. It’s just common sense!!!

Work smarter, not harder they say.

I’ve seen rodeos with barriers either too long or too short for the cattle they had. You can ruin a really nice set of cattle pretty fast with the wrong set up (either way). I would rather go to a knife fight roping and not be fast enough than to go somewhere and draw a runner on a barrier that is too long for the cattle. Not only that, but now that calf or steer is always going to try and outrun everyone. There are a lot of things that you have to think about when you get to a rodeo. Keeping your cattle great should be number 1.

This can go for the rough stock also. Why do some rodeos get two bull riders per perf when others get twenty something? Remember the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Give him something he can ride and they’ll be lining up. No one wants to be beat by their draw. Guys want to ride a bull. Give them a spinner and they’ll be there. Everyone wants to show off for the girlfriend. The girlfriend doesn’t know that was a spinner. She’s just happy because you finally rode one.

Regardless of what the setup is (barrier, cattle, quality of bulls) mostly the same guys are going to win. If you prepare better than everyone else you should excel in all conditions. Most of the field is just happy to be there competing alongside you. Keep them happy and they’ll keep coming back which in turn keeps the money flowing in both directions. By both directions I mean they keep entering and you keep winning. The contractor is making a little money, the winners are making a little money and the contestants on a whole are happy.

Keep in mind that 75% of us do this as a hobby. When it’s not fun anymore they’ll start fishing or something else.

Trying to make
rodeo great again,

Big Al


March 2019 Cowboy Sports News Magazine

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