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I don’t know if I’m the only one out there that uses Firefox for my web browser or not. I like it better than some of the others and when you open it there are always an assortment of articles picked from the web that are always interesting. These stories are usually not the “shock and awe” type of stories you might see on a homepage like Yahoo or MSNBC. The stories usually have a human factor and are most always very lengthy. Since most of them take a while to read I don’t read one unless the title catches my eye. The other day there was a photo of an aerial map showing a road. The title said “Great Things Take Time.” For some reason I just had to read it.

The aerial photo was of a road that went over a mountain range. The road used to go around this mountain range and thus lies the story. The road and the mountain were in India in a very remote part of the country. It was over a 30 mile trip to go around the mountain range on a road that was not very friendly.

It seems that one day a lady needed medical help and could not wait the time it required to go around the mountain. It never did say what happened to the lady but her husband didn’t want anyone else to have to go through this agony so he went up the mountain one day with a hammer and chisel and started pecking at the mountain one hit at a time. In the beginning everyone in town ridiculed him and called him crazy. 22 years later they named the road over the mountain after him.

He went up that mountain everyday pecking and hitting and moving rock until he had removed enough of the mountain to make a pass wide enough to get a car thru. The road over the mountain that bears his name is now only a 9 mile trip into town for services and emergency care for a village that used to be isolated.

The moral of the story is that great things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say. Even the Almighty took a week to build the world. For someone like him he could have just snapped his fingers and it would have been done. It was so important and the potential was so great he took his time and stretched it out to 6 days because we all know he took Sunday off. Because he took Sunday off that means now I have to get up a 5am to go to a jackpot on Sunday somewhere but that is a whole other story sometime.

As I kept reading the story it turned out it was written by a financial advisor and was about compound interest and savings. He had a pretty neat way to explain how if you just keep pecking at it a little by little it will all add up in the end. I bet he does pretty well at his job.

He also went on to talk about how we are a “right now” society. We want everything right now. Tomorrow is only good enough when it comes to overnight shipping.

Believe it or not, I have actually lost customers because I was not in the office to return their email within minutes of them sending it. I came back in the office and returned the email within a few hours only to have them explain they had already gotten someone else for the job. There is a good chance I didn’t really want to do it for them anyway if they were that demanding.

We just got back from a little weekend trip to Big Bend. We hiked and explored and walked and looked and just chilled out for a few days.

On one of our hikes we came across an old Indian camp at a spring. There were pictographs all over the place and pieces of flint everywhere you walked. The whole area was covered in large boulders as large as small cars. In these boulders were holes that the Indians had created from grinding their food in. Do you know how long you have to grind a mesquite bean in a hole to make a hole 16 inches deep in solid rock? A long time is the answer. These people spent every minute of every day just trying to stay alive. The place where these holes were was the quietest place I have ever been in my life. Not a sound. I could almost hear them grinding away.

Big Al


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