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Big Al's View Of The World


We were at a rodeo over the 4th of July out west this summer when I saw a retired world champion cowboy come walking up. I was sitting on the fence waiting for the rodeo to start and just kind of doing what I do best, people watching. I saw this cowboy coming up towards the arena and even from far off you could tell he was special. I couldn’t see his face and I had never seen him in person before this moment so I wasn’t sure who he was until he got up close to me. You could tell by the way he walked in the parking lot that he wasn’t here for the mutton busting or the county team roping.

As he got closer and I realized who he was I really started to take notice. This was one of the most friendliest guys I had seen and at the same time one of the most intimidating people I’d ever been in front of. If I would have been entered in his event and he had walked up I’m pretty sure I would have just paid my fees and turned out just to make sure I wasn’t kept from watching him compete.

To say he was starched out would have been an insult to his cleaners or wife. He was STARCHED OUT! You could have bounced a bowling ball off of his shirt and you could have used his pants to hold up the truck while you fixed the tire. He was fit and trim and looked every bit the multi time World Champion that he was.

Now, I don’t want you to think I was man crushing on this guy. If you rope and you don’t man crush on Trevor Brazile then you aren’t a cowboy as Dale would say. I was in awe at how this guy presented himself. If he was the guest speaker at every kindergarten class in America you would never be short of future rodeo cowboys. That’s how impressive he was in my eyes. I was starting to think of ways I could replace his name in Chuck Norris quotes. He made the most interesting man in the world look like a local yocal.

We all go through phases in our life and I’m sure at one time this guy might have worn a pair of sweat pants. I went through a phase back in college when I just didn’t give a crap and I went to class wearing a t-shirt and 80’s warm up pants. Looking back it is no wonder my wife didn’t find me until my senior year.

You’ve all heard the phrase “dress for success” or “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

There was a summer ten years or so back when I wore shorts with work boots. Was I auditioning for a spot in the Village People? I’ve got white legs. Correction, I’ve got translucent white legs. What was I thinking? My wife gets so dark in the summer she looks like she’s from south of the border. When she walked in with me I’m sure everyone in the room at lunch was thinking how these two ever got together.

When you look good, you feel good. Even the beast in the Beauty and the Beast wore a tuxedo suit. I’m pretty sure he didn’t consider himself the beast in the movie. If you walk into the bar starched out with a 20x hat you pretty much know you own the place. Look out ladies!

Confidence is contagious. After watching this guy walk up I was wishing I hadn’t worn unstarched jeans that night. It was 105 in the shade and I just didn’t want to sweat in starched pants but here I was wishing for a pair. Thank goodness I put on my nicer boots that night. I really would have felt inferior with my work boots on that night.

Start watching the World Champions when you are at a rodeo. Notice the things they do and how they act. Notice how they present themselves. Winners win for a reason. Don’t put in the work and then not present yourself as a winner.

Starching my pants,

Big Al


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