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I consider myself a fair-weather cowboy, yet I’ve been to roping’s and rodeos when the weather was not very fair. To say it was colder than a well diggers hind end was not enough. I remember one time we went to a college rodeo in Hillsboro back in college. It was a beautiful spring day when we left Huntsville. No need for a jacket or even a long sleeve shirt. We ended up going to Wal-Mart to buy a hoodie. That was all they had. They had already put out the summer stuff. We froze our rears off that day.

I’ve also been to roping’s in the middle of a rice field in Beaumont in the middle of August. That is not very fair weather I can promise you.

I write this down now because it is the night before the first day of spring. The weather has been beautiful outside the past few days and I’ve been cooped up in the office doing this issue. Not much fun inside. Tomorrow is a new day as they say. It is supposed to be beautiful the rest of the week and I can promise you I’m headed outside first thing tomorrow morning.

Pastor Randy Weaver’s article this month is about TIME. Treasuring, investing, management and enjoyment of TIME. I say I’m a fair-weather cowboy because if it’s beautiful outside I love being in the practice pen or at the ranch. We took off the other day and spent the weekend at the ranch in West Texas. I’ve written about the stars before. They are insane. A few days in the fresh air and dust will help you reset your brain and thoughts.

It seems I’ve got the treasuring and enjoyment parts down pretty good. I need to work on the investing and management parts. To say I’m a procrastinator is giving me too much credit for being on time. I don’t miss deadlines, but I do miss sleep trying to meet those deadlines.

While at the ranch one day we went and dug around the Indian camp we have on the place. We found some pieces and parts of tips and lots of scrap. My son said he wanted to know what they did all day. I said, “tried to stay alive.” To say they managed their time wisely would be an understatement. They spent every last second of daylight and some of the dark just trying to stay alive. If they didn’t eat, they didn’t live. It took lots of time to hunt and gather. There were no HEB’s or Whataburger’s around.

Now that the rodeo season is really kicking off in full swing don’t forget that a little down time is good for a person. All work and no play is not good for you. I can promise you they will have the rodeo without you every now and then. Take a weekend off and head to the river. Not the Frio. That’s my special place! Go to the lake and water ski. That’ll take your mind off everything for sure. Just trying to stay up is a full-time job.

Investing in time is the tricky part. We can all try to treasure, manage and enjoy time but the investing part is the hard part. What we do with our time is an integral part of the other three. I’ve heard that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and other professional types favorite word is NO. If it is not going to be beneficial to them, they just say NO. You must learn to say it. It’s not easy. You’ve got people coming at you from every angle with questions, needs and wants. A NO to them is a YES to your family or your health.

Learning to say NO,

Big Al


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