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Big Al's View Of The World


For those of you that don’t keep up with the life of ol’ Big Al’, I’ll catch you up to speed real fast.

Last month I put gas in my diesel truck. It cost me a little bit of money and a whole lot of humility but I left out the best part in last month’s article.

After they had to tow my truck to the shop to get the tank drained I had to borrow my wife’s car to get around during the day. She has an office job and doesn’t need wheels during the day. I came back to town and took her to lunch then I came back to town at 5pm to pick her up from work. Well on this return trip to town as if my day hadn’t gone according to plan already I was just driving along our local farm road just minding my own business and all of a sudden here comes this rock flying at me hitting the windshield right at the bottom. It was below the black film they have on the edges of the windows so I didn’t think there was any need in reporting the damage to the owner (my wife). Playing dumb is one of my better qualities when it comes to marital decisions and crossroads. My plan was working all the way to town and most of the way home but the closer we got to the house the further north this crack was creeping. When it peeked out from the black film at the bottom I figured I had better come clean with my deed.

Let’s just say I was forced to take her for marg’s at the local Mexican joint. After the day I’d had I was needing one just as bad as she was.

Fast forward a month later and that little crack is almost all the way across the windshield both directions. I can’t even ride in the car with her as each time we get in she reminds me that the crack is mine and I need to call the insurance company to get it fixed because she is not going to drive a car with a windshield like that.

Instead of taking any more heat over a broken window I decided to leave town. Yep, that’s right, ol’ Big Al’ finally took Charlie Robison’s advise and headed for the new pipeline and he weren’t ever coming back. He’s working 80 hours a week and Rocksprings is too damn hot.

He’s gonna head back home at the end of the job and spend it all on . . . a broken car window!!!!!

Yeah, I know, that’s not how the song goes but I’ve got a few more pressing problems than ol’ Charlie and his buddy had when they left LaGrange that summer. Momma needs a new pair of shoes and the kid needs a new truck which leads me to my next story.

You know that big long bridge just west of Del Rio on highway 90? The one that is long and narrow. Well, my truck barely made it over it the other day. My fuel pump was messing up and my truck started losing power halfway across the bridge. We basically coasted the last 200 yards to where we could get off of the shoulder. We had a load of calves coming back from the ranch and our truck picked the wrong day and the wrong spot to lay down and die.

We had had the same problem in Austin a few weeks earlier. We barely made it off the interstate going 20mph. We thought we had fixed it, but nope, we didn’t. We limped into Del Rio at 8 in the morning on a Sunday. I wanted Whataburger but Rudy’s had breakfast tacos and they were closer with a truck that wouldn’t go but 15-20mph at tops.

We made it into Rudy’s and got something to eat. Then we had to wait two hours for help to arrive from the West. We made it home and the truck is finally fixed or at least we think it is. I’m not really looking forward to test driving it to Dryden, Texas again with a load of calves.

I am literally putting this issue of the magazine together from the front seat of my truck while I’m doing inspector work on a pipeline in the middle of a ranch west of Rocksprings. Modern technology at its best. I had to go buy some steel toe boots so I’m using the box they came in as my desk/briefcase. Hey, it works!!!

I took this job because I figured it would help me on my resume if I ever wanted to apply for that job watching paint dry. This has got to be one of the most boring jobs there is. It’s amazing how much money they will pay a person to sit in a truck and watch another man work. This is not my life’s passion. It is just a good paying gig that wasn’t supposed to last very long so I said why the hell not. I’m living at my sister-in-laws house in Leakey on the river. Other than the alarm at 4:30am, life is good on the Frio.

High tech,

Big Al


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