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Big Al's View Of The World


Next month will be 28 years of publishing this paper. In those 28 years we have seen a lot of changes in rodeo. 28 years ago numbered team and calf ropings were just in the back of someone’s head. They hadn’t been fully tested or taken off like they are now.

I know you hate to hear old timers talk about the “good ol’ days” but I’ll be 50 in a few months and I’ll be an old timer. When I was in high school we did have to compete against the tuffs. I remember the first time I went to an A-B calf roping. That seemed like taking candy from a baby in our minds with no “big boys” there to take “your” money. Of course those B ropers were just anyone that wasn’t in the top 15 at the time. That still left quite a bit of talent in the bottom roping.

The total number of rodeos has also shrunk from the good ol’ days. You hear the old timers talk about making three rodeos in one night and doing that both Friday and Saturday. Throw in a jackpot on Sunday and you had a pretty full weekend. Back then there were weekly rodeos in places like Simonton, Snook, Cypress, Mansfield and Tin Top. There was no shortage of rodeos and there was no shortage of cowboys to enter. The youth rodeos back in the day could easily have 100+ bull riders. Now you can’t even fill the perf with bull riders at a two night rodeo. The slacks went all night and up until the sun came up sometimes.

The open rodeos outnumbered the sanctioned rodeos. Nowadays you are hard pressed to have anyone enter an “open” rodeo. The number of associations was limited also. You had the TRA, LRCA, CRRA and some others. Nowadays you run out of space in this article pretty fast if you try to list all of the associations. Don’t even think about all of the youth associations. I don’t see how anyone can do it these days. Just the money for entry fees is crazy.

Back then if you had a bumper pull with one of those front walk in tack rooms you were pretty fancy. If you had one of those WW side by sides made in Madill and not someones backyard you could say you were living the life. Throw in an old Hornet camper and boy oh boy. Today if you aren’t driving a Freightliner and pulling a five horse with a 15’ short wall you feel like your slumming. I’ve got a very clean 3 horse with a 10’ short wall that is paid for and the other day I lost my water heater cover. I felt like a bum pulling into the parking lot. It’s hard not to have trailer envy at a rodeo nowadays. That is until I realize mine is paid for and their’s is not.

My first horse cost $700. My dad knew a guy who knew a guy who had a daughter that had quit roping. He was old enough to buy beer but he taught me everything I didn’t know about calf roping. I rode him for three or four years and sold him to a good friend for $800. Now you will have a hard time buying two calves for $700 most less a horse. I haven’t even heard of a three legged ancient counterfeit horse bringing less than $3,500.

I remember the first calves we ever bought cost $150 each. We paid $450 for three from a friend and we thought he had made a little on us at the time. A good saddle cost around $1,000. My dad bought a horse, saddle and one horse trailer from a guy one time for $2,500. We sold the trailer to a friend for $1,000 and rode the horse and saddle for many years. I’d like to see someone do that again in 2018.

Most everyone I knew when I started was in rodeo because their parents had done it. Not so anymore.

Yes, things are changing and they are changing fast. I can’t say that I like all of the changes but I can’t say that they are all bad. They say change is inevitable. They also say if you don’t change you will be forgotten.

It’s a different sport in a different world. How we proceed will determine our place in the future for ourselves and rodeo in general.

Thinking back while
I look ahead,

Big Al


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