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For anyone living under a rock and not keeping up with my life, I took a job in Rocksprings inspecting on the pipeline. No you can’t get a loan and yes I am very bored about now. Momma needs a new windshield and I might need to rat hole some money for therapy later in life from all this boredom.

This is my sixth week on the job and if ever there was a person over qualified for the watching paint dry job I’m the guy. I’m pretty sure if I applied they would make me the supervisor for the paint drying department. My wife asks me all of the time if I’m ready to come home and I say yes until I get my check on Friday mornings then I’m pretty sure I can push through it one more week.

I leave my house at 5:15am each morning and I don’t get home until after 7:30pm each day. I’ve got more windshield time than most panhandle bull haulers although mine is mostly sitting in one spot. Rocksprings and West Texas in general are some of the most beautiful spots in Texas but after six weeks every new pasture just looks like the last one. Not only are hill tops valued for the vistas they are a highly prized possession for their phone reception. If you are fortunate to have your operator park his piece of equipment on a hill top for working you are at the top of the food chain for a few hours. Catch yourself in a valley and you might as well be in the middle of the ocean because you might have better phone reception in the south Pacific. Yes, I’ve got the big ol’ phone booster on my truck so you won’t have any problem picking me out from a line of trucks on the interstate when I come home on breaks. I’m the pipeliner!!!

You don’t know the meaning of “dropping calls” until you sit on the pipeline all day. You can have full bars LTE and still not be able to talk to the person on the other end. You can hear them perfectly fine and they have no idea the cuss words you are hollering at the phone in your hands because they can’t hear you. When the stars, moon, planets, the cell phone towers and the bread twisty you have all line up it is like magic. I can download things on my computer faster in the middle of a pasture than I can at my office with what is supposed to be the fastest internet available. Go figure. If one of those things fall out of alignment, well you’re screwed. You can’t breathe, you can’t crank the truck, you can’t even raise your voice too high or you take the chance of losing every bar you had on the phone. My life consists of safety meetings and looking for bars on my phone. In the safety meetings they stress to prevent slips, trips and falls and to look out for wildlife like snakes and spiders and be careful for loose rocks. This all comes in handy when you are climbing a rock hill looking for better reception.

Thank goodness for XM radio. I don’t know what I would do without it because to say this is a “dead zone” as the government calls areas like this is an understatement. My only complaint is that they play the same songs over and over. Kind of just like real radio. I’ve had to resort to the comedy channels for a change of atmosphere.

Lucky for me my son just released his first album this week. Now I can listen to him sing over and over. Just like the last six years at the house, but now he has a full band backing him up on the songs and he gets paid every time I listen to it. It might only be 1/100 of a penny but at least he’s making something.

I’m not bragging because he is my son but he’s pretty good. He better be, this pipeline job pays good but not good enough. I’m going to need him to be a star to help me out later. I’ve still got plans I need lots of money to accomplish.

I tell my wife she is a stage mom and she says I’m a stage dad. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which one of us is worse although usually it’s her!!!! We don’t go to youth rodeos anymore so we have to do something. You could say sometimes we are worse than a rodeo parent or baseball parent.

If you like Texas/Red Dirt music and you want to help out ol’ Big Al’s retirement fund, go listen to Carson Jeffrey anywhere you stream your music.

Just listening
to the radio,

Big Al


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